Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm such a slacker.

So here's how my diet is going: TERRIBLE. Mostly because I wasn't prepared for the New Year with groceries.  I have, however, at least made myself drink some water and have a salad each day.  It may not seem like much but its definitely something that I don't usually do... so I'll take it as a start!  :)  I also cut back to 2 cups of coffee which I would be more happy with than the usual 3 a day that I have been drinking.  

Today's football has really stunk for the most part.  The only good thing is that the Patriots won.  Other than that - Jacksonville lost and the Giants didn't make the playoffs either.  So yay! for my husband's team but not so good for mine and Robert's teams.  This game I'm watching now - Seattle/St. Louis is shaping up to be alright so far (end of 1st quarter) - both teams are fighting for a spot - whoever wins goes to the playoffs.

Hate to be so short today but hubby just got home and I'm tryin' to not be on the computer as much when he is home.  Today just hasn't shaped up to be a very productive day on the computer.  Maybe I'll stay up after everyone one goes to sleep and try to get some work done.  We'll see. 

Tomorrow I'll be linking up to a new meme called Weight Loss Wednesday - see you then!

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