Thursday, January 13, 2011

Weightloss Wednesday - On Thursday!

Wow!  I just have not been in a blogging mood. What's up with that?  Well... here's the thing.  I have to balance blogging with digi-scrappin' and sometimes (okay - most of the time) scrappin' wins! :)  I just love the release of being creative!  

Anyhow!  I had this great post typed up (from my phone) on Tuesday night and then I totally forgot to post it yesterday.  Then I go to do it this morning and guess what?  It's not here!  So I'm starting fresh!  

My 'diet' per say has taken a turn for the better in the last couple of days.  I finally got to do a good grocery run so I am pretty much sticking to the Atkins diet - well, kind of loosely.  I'm not really 'counting' carbs - I've just cut them out for the most part.  Only Splenda in my coffee (which is the norm anyways) and the only carbs I'm eating are pretty much vegetables.  I did buy some tortillas the other day that are 5 net carbs for one and I tear them in half and use for a roll-up with turkey and a slice of cheese with a smidge of no-carb mayo!  It's definitely one of my favorite snacks!  The other is olives.  I've had a whole little jar in like 3 days - but I'd rather over do it on olives than eat a whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich with my boys!  While I'm making them sandwiches - I snack on the olives to keep me from even licking the knife and then wanting to make myself one!  lol  Hey! It works for me!  And I think that's the key for me in this journey - to find what is going to work that I can stick with rather than even what's going to see the most results. Does that make sense?

I can tell you that right after this I'm going to set up a post with even some pics of what I've been eating... so maybe come back and check it out later this week!  :)

I kinda hate that I have no pics for this post - its not very often that that happens! Wait - I'll share this one... nope - it must still be on my phone.  Oh well!  It was just going to be a big ol' glass of water!  'Cause that has been one of my best friends too!  Yesterday I didn't drink as much because we were out playing in the snow and by the evening I was feeling like I 'had' to have some!  It was kinda cool because usually I'm not a big water drinker!  But I've been doing super good - having coffee in the morning and then water all day!

Okay - I won't keep you forever.  Now to the kinda cool part of the post... my weight loss so far.  Now I started at 213 on the 1st and haven't really been weighing myself since then because I wasn't doing so good I thought but when I weighed myself yesterday morning...

It said 208!  Yay!  Down 5 lbs!  I'll take that!  Of course last week was 'that time of the month' so that probably helped the numbers look better but anyways - its enough to keep me motivated for this week - that's for sure!  :)  I can't wait to see next week after sticking to Atkins (mostly) for a whole week!  It should be good!

Alright - thats enough from me for now! I get long winded when I haven't 'released' in a while.  I was supposed to fix that with the Bloggy Dare to blog every day.  Oops!  Hey - its a time of a million changes for me right now - I gotta figure out how to schedule it all out! :)

Til next time!  Stay strong and focus on YOU!

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