Saturday, January 1, 2011

The journey begins...

So - here it is. My first post of 2011.  I have started a new blog just for the All About Me journey that I will be on this year.  This blog will mostly be a journal for me to be able to look back on and see what I've accomplished but I am not ruling out making some great new friends from it too!  :)

This year I have one main goal and all my little goals will help me work toward that big goal.  It is to find and fall in love with ME!  I tend to put my focus on everyone around me and have completely neglected the woman that I am.  No longer.  From this moment forward I will think about my health.  I will think about my happiness.  I will think about my plans.  I will think about where I want to be years from now.  With that said here are some of the small goals I have set for myself and for this Power of One challenge:

  • I want to pay attention to what I am eating - cutting back big time on carbs - but not full-fledged Atkins.
  • I want to be drink more water. I will start with 5 or 6 glasses and work my way up to the 8 glasses/day.
  • I want to quit smoking. 
  • I want to be more active - mostly by playing with my kids but through exercise as well.
The other things not really geared towards health that I want to accomplish are:
  • I want to have my picture taken and actually be okay with it.
  • I want to work on keeping the house cleaner on a daily basis.
  • I want to learn a little about my past and let go of some things.
  • I want to spend some time figuring out how to be a better wife and mother.
  • I want to sew a quilt.
  • I want to further my education by free online classes or at a school - I'm not picky!
  • I want to blog everyday (I have taken the Bloggy Moms Bloggy Dare).
  • I want to make some 'real life' friend connections.  Lately it seems like all my friends are in my computer.  I'm thinking like a lunch date once a month or something with a REAL person!  lol
Okay - so as you can tell - I have a lot going on in my head right now.  As I get into a new routine I'm sure some of these goals will take precedence and some will fall to the wayside.  But I think its healthy to at least give a valiant effort towards self-happiness!  :)

So - without further ado - here's the part I am most nervous about.  Sharing my picture.  I can't believe I'm going to do this... but here it goes:

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  1. Hi! I'm coming from the weightloss wednesday link up. I feel the same way you do. We have a lot of the same goals as well!!

    Good luck I am sure you can do it!! Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat!